Our Programs

We offer our clients three types of programs to accommodate any type of need, step in the project, and services:

Fire Stone
“Fire Stone” is a full project- directed program, with A to Z solutions in the light of the required defined scope. In this program, we will work with our clients to recognise, map, and execute the project to its full extent.
“Milestone” is a sprint-oriented stage-based program. We will define and customise the scope based on strategy and budget. This process is designed to achieve specific objectives, using lean startup methods.
“Cornerstone” is a consulting, advising, strategy, planning, and mentorship program to tackle specific challenges and goals.

"We were born to serve"

Our Services

Concept development

  1. Ideation
  2. Vision capturing
  3. market research
  4. Concept design
  5. Creative strategy
  6. Storyboarding
  7. illustration
  8. Concept Validation
  9. Project Guidebook
  10. Brief creation

Business development

  1. Market research
  2. Financial Plan
  3. Business plans
  4. Fundraising Strategy
  5. Investor Deck Creation
  6. monetization

Product development

  1. Product Design
  2. MVP
  3. Sketches
  4. CAD Models
  5. Illustration and Renderings
  6. Engineering
  7. Prototyping
  8. Textile design
  9. Design Testing
  10. Materials and techniques
  11. UX/ UI
  12. Prototyping
  13. Performance Analysis
  14. Design for Manufacturing
  15. Tooling and Molds
  16. patent drawings and illustrations
  17. Material and techniques.
  18. Product testing


  1. Positioning, Messaging and Naming
  2. Brand development and strategy
  3. storyboarding and Scriptwriting
  4. Cinematography
  5. Asset and contant Creation
  6. Art Direction
  7. Go-to-market strategy
  8. Positioning and image development


  1. Sourcing Manufacturers and raw materials
  2. Supply Chain
  3. COGS Planing
  4. Production Planning
  5. Production Finance and Terms
  6. Manufacturing
  7. QA and QC


  1. Crowdfunding
  2. Social media strategy
  3. E-com Website Development
  4. Performance Marketing
  5. Ecommerce strategy
  6. PR
  7. Sales strategy and monitization
  8. Logistics, Storage and distribution
  9. Payment Systems and Processing
  10. Inventory Management
  11. IP Research
  12. Patent and Trademark Filing
  13. Technology integration
  14. App design
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